We're on a Mission to Magnify the Voices of ALL Women

Our 2020 Summit Lineup

Fresh, exciting perspectives from experts who are too often overlooked.

The Keys to Conversions

Boost engagement, traffic, and conversions with advice from more than 40 experts on topics ranging from brand voice development to email marketing.

Biz Launch 101

Join our 60+ experts for a step-by-step journey from ideation to launch. Get the essentials in place and get ready to grow! This comprehensive summit includes two tracks - one for startups and one for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Streamline & Scale

What do small teams, solo founders, and entrepreneurs all have in common? There aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things! In this summit, you'll learn how to create and automate processes so you can do more in less time.

Coming Soon

We are busy coming up with the next big idea for a summit that will help you find and develop your next big idea. Mark your calendar for summer 2020 and watch your inbox.

Speaker Applications are Opening Soon

We are excited to welcome more than 40 speakers to our inaugural summit, The Keys to Conversions Summit. It runs January 6-9, 2020.

We will open applications soon for all other summits on our schedule for 2020. Stay tuned for an announcement or add your email address to our list to make sure you are among the first to know when applications open.

about us

Women-Led Summits came about after Betsy had seen one too many Twitter threads about conferences that failed to invite women to speak. She bought the URL and tucked the idea away until she was sure it wasn’t just another shiny object meant to distract her from her work.

A few months later, she shared the idea with Greta… which was exactly what this idea needed to come to life. And, from that moment on, there was no tucking away Women-Led Summits. They jumped in with all four feet and are ready to start helping more women find their voices on a bigger stage. 

Betsy Muse is the owner of Copy Muse where she helps women-led businesses acquire and convert qualified leads to generate revenue. She serves as a Content Creator in Residence for the new Copyhackers Content School and as a Badassador (Badass Ambassador) for the Copyhackers 10x Freelance Copywriter community. 

Greta Cate is also a Copyhackers Badassador for 10xFC, owns GretaCate.com, and is the Founder of the Profit Empowerment Perspective Club and She Gives Good Copy where she helps womxn owned brands to connect with their audience and increase their conversions. 

Our team

Our summits attract some of the most talented experts in their respective fields. Come and learn from the best. Tickets are always free with upgraded options available. We hope you will join us. Our team isn’t complete without YOU!

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Kind Words

Betsy & Greta are on a mission to help others succeed.

Betsy and Greta are on a mission to help others succeed. With a unique blend of listening, constructive insight, and humor, they inspire you. They make you want to do better and be better. Finding a place that supports women’s voices is like coming home.

Kathleen Fealy

Digital Marketing Strategist
KF Multimedia & Web Inc

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