Moving the Needle just Isn't Enough
Get the Leads, Sales, and Revenue You Need
to Break the Whole Damn Gauge

Get the Leads, Sales, & Revenue You Need

Yes. We will guide you through optimizing your customer journey to attract the leads and buyers you need to grow your business.

That’s the dream, right?

We see you. We’ve been you. You’re…

  • A brand founder or team member who needs to be able to generate some serious growth sooner rather than later and needs to know exactly what it takes to get it so that you can create the kind of brand buzz and serious impact that makes your brand in demand and keeps you in the black.


  • A copywriter or marketer who needs to be able to help their clients level up and make the kind of impression that creates to-die-for case studies and instant credibility name and number drops with some outside your typical wheelhouse of authority knowledge that will boost that close rate and those project rates – because you know exactly the value you bring to the table

Either way, we know exactly what you
don’t want to put on repeat from 2019. 

Let’s rewind, shall we? 

You work tirelessly but the truth is…you’re tired. 

Tired of pouring your time, money, and team into the neverending grinder of task lists and campaigns that are supposed to create conversions but don’t create enough to make a meaningful difference.

What's a once-optimistic business owner / overwhelmed marketing officer / frustrated founder to do?

We all know that consumers are exposed to up to 10,000 marketing messages daily.

We know that it leads to the nightmare that is…Marketing fatigue.

Yes, marketing fatigue. Every founder and marketer’s nightmare. That is if you’re getting a good night’s sleep. 

You’re having trouble unplugging too. There’s no punching out at the end of the day sigh of relief for founders and freelancers.

There’s no escape. You’re always thinking about work. Worrying about work. Pretending to enjoy yourself because you can see your friends and family can tell you’re phoning it in. 

You shrug it off and try to seem carefree…but you worry. Who can blame you? 

You take it seriously because it IS serious. It’s your career. Your living. It’s probably even your passion. 

The fact is that audiences are more sophisticated and savvy than ever beforeand it’s your job to convert them

For the love of all that’s persuasive, You. Are. Trying.

As business owners and marketers, we are consistently bombarded with messaging that emphasizes the importance of following best practices at every turn – in our processes and customer-facing communication.

Don't spend this year chasing your 2019 goals. You deserve more...

Top of funnel traffic is crucial. But you don’t want just any traffic. You want traffic that shows up and stays awhile, marveling at your relevant content.

Capture the attention of your ideal customers and clients. 

Not just any leads will do though. You don’t need to just get subscribers, you need highly qualified leads. You need leads that are going to move through your customer journey while they are moving through the conversion process.

Allow leads to self-select for powerful buy-in.

You wouldn’t turn down some one-off sales, but you’re really looking to create some value optimized consumer relationships. You don’t just want a sale here and there. You don’t want to be thought of as satisfactory. You want customers who can’t stop sharing how amazing you are with their network.

Close sales and win hearts.

No explanation required. Am I right?

Optimize your customer or client’s loyalty and lifetime value.

Success creates growth – no two ways about it. If what you build connects with people, growth is inevitable. You’re not just looking forward to it, you’ve planned for it, have set your business up to be ready for it, and are actively working to create it.

Automating your customer journey leaves room for you to work in your zone of genius.

You’re doing all the right things - and you have the project management system to prove it.

Your pockets may not be as deep as you’d like, but you’re fully invested – in both budget and time. Now if you can just get some more returns…

Whether it’s you work with a team or you’re going solo, you’re running lean and you definitely don’t have resources to waste. It’s hard to prioritize when you’re it seems like everything seems urgent.

You and your people are committed and you work hard in your business. You do the research. You put in the time. You do the work. All the work. Streamline your efforts and your task list by doing the right things the right way.

It seems so straightforward…until it doesn’t convert the way you expected.

Why aren't you seeing the big wins and growth that you need in your business?

You’re probably just like a lot of other founders and marketers – stuck in the land of ticking the boxes on checklists and following the best practices rules of marketing. 

But I’m not an expert. That’s why I follow best practices and use tools and templates. 

We’re going to let you in on the dirty, little secret about using tools and templates…

Tools are great…but only as great as the expertise of the person using them.

All your best practices task list and those templates that were all the rage in 2018 will get you is a “good enough” relationship with your audience – unless you know the secrets of using them at the right time, in the right place, and with that just right conversational quality that speaks to your audience.  

So you have to ask yourself…

Is settling for a "good enough" relationship with your audience good enough for you?

If you want to stay in business – and actually generate growth – then meeting the minimum standard is definitely not enough.

The unfortunate truth is that a task-oriented approach, those best practices everyone loves, and “it has worked for them since the dawn of 2018 so it must be right for me” templates collide to create a desert of friction in your customer’s conversion journey.  

That friction has your prospects and “hit it and quit it” one time customers seeking refuge elsewhere (aka, signing on with your competitors) rather than trying to brave the mile wide and twice as high sandstorm pushing them away from your brand. 

So where does a busy, bootstrapping founder turn now?

We’ve asked and answered that question ourselves countless times for the hundreds of brands that we’ve helped to create messaging and marketing campaigns that produce meaningful leads and conversion lifts. 

Imagine being able to confidently...

No more wasting time building a house of cards that you hope will stay standing long enough for enough people to find it impressive. Instead of fearing the winds of change, create and optimize the pieces of the puzzle that will have the greatest impact on your conversions and your business – and have proven themselves to be timelessly on-trend.

Who has time for another program, incubator, or course? We know that the only solution is one that respects your time. What if you could spend just minutes a day and walk away understanding how to pinpoint the area of focus that will make the difference AND know exactly how to optimize it – even if that’s outside your area of authority.

You’re a true believer in your business. That passion drove you to build it. Promoting and selling your offers is a win/win proposition. Marketing isn’t what it was even 10 years ago. It’s about helping others connect with your business on a more meaningful level. Imagine being able to truly connect – with even the most jaded audience – and translate that into raving fans and loyal brand evangelists that will not only buy your offers but practically sell them for you.


You’re tired of constantly feeling like you’re banging your head against the wall and wondering if what you’re doing is what really matters.

You’re tired of making the same goals quarter after quarter, year after year, and feeling like you’re just not getting anywhere. 

You’re ready to make an impact – in your own business.


The 4-week guided boot camp that doesn’t just move the needle... it breaks the whole damn gauge

Boot Camp Starts Monday, January 27

Week 1

You’ll walk away from our first week with…

  • A map of  your game changing funnel  so you know exactly what you need to build and where your customer needs to go.
  • The messaging essentials crash course – with all the materials – that smooth the way for your customer’s journey so you can maximize conversions and give your business the quantum leap i needs.
  • Research that unlocks the secrets of connecting with your audience about your offer – and the research systems that you can use the next time and the next and the next. 

Week 2

You’ll walk away from our second week with…

  • Your brand messaging created and optimized  so that you’ve got the words that will captivate and connect with your audience in all the right places.
  • The specific messaging for your customer journey that will ensure that you’re saying what they need to hear when and where they need to hear it.
  • Your opt-in or sales page templates and all the promo copy essentials to make your prospects profitable. 

Week 3

You’ll walk away from our third week with…

  • Landing page copy that is vetted and optimized for conversions whether you’re focused on lead generation, sales, or subscribers.
  • Plan for content that naturally supports your BHAG – that’s big, hairy, audacious goal – so you never have to guess about your content again.
  • The assets you’re delivering so that you can capture those leads and generate those sales.

Week 4

You’ll walk away from our last week together with…

  • Your email sequence fully storyboarded and written for your funnel of choice to keep the conversation going and move the customer journey along.
  • A FULLY FUNCTIONAL & FANTASTIC FUNNEL that will win hearts, gain subscribers, or snag sales. 
  • All the tools you’ll need to repeat the process again and again to make 2020 your best year yet!

What You'll Find Inside...

Funnel Mapping
Your business is yours. You don’t need to make your offer fit into whatever well known funnel you’ve heard about. We will help you create a funnel map that is tailored for your business, your offer, and your audience.

No high priced SaaS subscriptions required. We’ll show you how to find out exactly what you need to know in order to create the messaging that connects and converts. 

Optimized Brand Messaging 
We’ll help you create or optimize your brand messaging for maximum effect. They can’t know, like, and trust you if you can’t easily tell them who you are and why that matters to them. 

Crack the Content Code for your Funnel
Heard of TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU? Well, they each have their own specific content and messaging standards. We’ll break it down for you so that you know exactly what your audience needs to hear at the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel. Never wonder again what you should be writing about and when. 

Customer Journey Optimization 
We’ll do more than just show you how to map out your customer’s journey. We’ll help you identify all the Points of Conversion and identify the key messaging that your audience needs to hear from you in order to take the next steps in their conversion journey.

Landing Pages Made Easy 
Whether your funnel is designed to scoop up leads or close sales, we’ll guide you through creating the perfect page for your audience and offer. We’ll not only cover all the elements of opt-in and sales pages, we’ll offer you templates, swipe files, and tried and true formulas to help you create a page that will convert.

Content that Moves the Needle
You’ll be able to fast track your content creation process now that you know exactly what your audience needs to hear from you at each stage leading up to your landing page. Quickly create content that supports your funnel’s goal with the right messaging in the optimal time in the customer journey.

Storyboard Your Sequence 
Every funnel needs email. We’ll show you the secrets of storyboarding your email sequence to maximize open and click-through rates. We’ll even go through the different types of sequences you should be using at the different parts of the funnel (TOFU, MOFU, & BOFU). Not only will we storyboard the sequence, but you’ll write it as well.

BONUS: All Access Pass to the Keys to Conversions Summit 
Get free access to the Summit that featured 45+ expert speakers all talking about how to maximize your conversions in 2020.

BONUS: Funnel Messaging Conversion Kit
Not only do you get guided assignments and coaching that lets you walk away with a fully optimized and complete funnel, we’re giving you the tools, strategies, and templates that the pros use. You can use this Funnel Messaging Conversion Kit again and again – anytime you want to create or optimize a funnel.

How will that work?

Morning Video Assignments
Every weekday morning, you will receive a video walkthrough of that morning’s lessons. We’ll cover the day’s assignment and any supplemental materials (like worksheets, PDFs, etc.) that you will need to use to complete the assignment.

Implementation & Accountability
We have designed this Boot Camp as a way to fast track your business’s growth – while you continue to work in your business full time – with a fully functioning funnel at the end of 4 weeks. We will guide you daily M-F with lessons and implementation workflows and group work along accountability sessions.

Office Hours
We will have regular office hours 3x weekly and we encourage you to take advantage of them so that you get the full impact of our free consultations – because it’s a savings of hundreds of dollars an hour. 

Hot Seat Coaching 
You’ll get the chance weekly to jump in the hot seat. This is your chance to get coaching on any and everything that is an obstacle to your success. We’ll help you to troubleshoot everything from mindset to method so that you can meet your goal and make 2020 your best business year yet.

Our Mission is to Help Others Succeed

Betsy and Greta are on a mission to help others succeed. With a unique blend of listening, constructive insight, and humor, they inspire you. They make you want to do better and be better. Finding a place that supports women’s voices is like coming home.
Kathleen Fealy
Usability Expert & Copywriter

We know what you’re thinking. Why should you trust us?

We’ve made careers out of connecting with people…

… in case you didn’t notice our crazy good lineup at the Keys to Conversions Summit.

Building trust and delivering the goods is what we do, so we completely understand that if you don’t already know us, you’d like a more formal introduction. 

Betsy Muse

Betsy Muse

Betsy is a Conversion Copywriter & Funnel Strategist at Copy Muse where she helps women-led startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses create rapid growth with laser-focused email, website, and sales page copy.

She is the author of the 10x Freelance Copywriter Workbook used in Joanna Wiebe’s 10x Freelance Copywriter Course and serves as a community ambassador – a Badassador – in the 10xFC membership group. She is also a Content Writer in Residence in Copyhacker’s new Content School. 

Greta is a Conversion Strategist & Copywriter at where she serves brands who want to create meaningful campaigns at the intersection of intent and impact. Greta works with brands of all sizes to optimize their conversions and create relevant campaigns that connect. 

She is also the Founder of She Gives Good Copy and the Profit Empowerment Perspective Club where she helps womxn owned brands, and their allies, to connect with their audience and increase their conversions and serves the Copyhackers community as a Badassador in the 10x Freelance Copywriter 

Greta Cate

The bottom line? 

We get the struggle because we’ve lived the struggle of starting up lean and having to be a marketing machine to get to growth mode. 

We survived through exhausting ourselves doing the things that don’t scale and we’ve worked through the struggle of getting past them.

Whether it was due to a sudden need to become the sole provider or a complete change of industry focus, we didn’t have the perfectly curated and planned entrance into the world of marketing and conversions. 

We worked hard and scared and we took every opportunity to learn from people who knew what the hell they were talking about. 

Just like you…

We'll Help You Actually Get Traction

When I first met Greta and Betsy, I was just starting a major pivot in my business. I was definitely motivated to make progress, but I struggled to actually get traction. I knew my destination but the path was unclear—to me, at least. On my own I just wasn’t making the kind of progress I wanted. Looking back now, I can see how discouraged I was and how that negative cycle was getting in my way. Betsy and Greta listened, without judgment or preconception, and had the skills and experience to help me diagnose where I was getting stuck and what I could do about it. They gave me a simple, realistic framework to help me stop spinning in place, and gave me the skills and support I needed to implement real change. Now that I’m unstuck, my business is really moving forward, and I have more confidence in my abilities, more tricks to solve problems, and more energy to put into the things I really love.
Molly McBeath
Molly McBeath
Technical Copywriter

Ready to Take Action?

Don’t miss your chance to not just learn the things, but actually DO the things that will make 2020 a year of serious growth instead of just spinning your wheels all year – again. 

Bonus! You get to do it at a crazy low introductory beta price.

Here’s the breakdown of everything you get in The Conversion Compass Bootcamp…

Morning Video Assignments
Implementation & Accountability Sessions
Office Hours
Hot Seat Coaching 

Where you’ll get….

Funnel Mapping (Done for you (DFY)… a funnel intensive is $500+)
Freesearch (DFY… value of research $2k)
Optimized Brand Messaging (DFY… value of $1.5k)
Crack the Content Code for your Funnel (value of training $500+)
Customer Journey Optimization (value of CJO intensive $1.5k+)
Landing Pages Made Easy (value of landing page training & templates $997+)
Storyboard Your Sequence (DFY… value of email storyboard & sequence $3.5k+)
Content that Moves the Needle (value of on point content: priceless)

BONUS: All Access Pass to the Keys to Conversions Summit
(value $97)
BONUS: Funnel Messaging Conversion Kit (value $2k+)

Your price is $397

This offer is a limited time offer as we’re keeping this unbelievably priced beta small so that we can offer maximum support.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Conversion Compass Boot Camp within the first 14 days we will happily refund your money to you.

You can Count on Us

Betsy and Greta are a formidable team. Not only do they have extensive marketing and copywriting knowledge and experience, they have huge hearts, and killer senses of humor. They are also uber reliable - one of my very favorite qualities - you can count on this team!
Amy Posner
CEO & Copywriter

This is the beta launch of The Conversion Compass Bootcamp, so this is your chance to cash in on participating in our experimentation and optimization of this program. 

It likely will never be this high touch with such a low price again – so don’t miss your chance and spend 2020 doing a tired replay of what you did last year and the year before. 

We have been part of some of the greatest teaching, mentoring, and coaching programs on the internet and we are absolutely dedicated to helping this one bring that same level of value.

Joanna Wiebe Thinks We're Badass 🙂

“Greta and Betsy quickly stood out in our community as go-to thinkers and doers in all things entrepreneur. They’re so great, we made up a term for them: badassadors. They’re simply badass. Always strategizing, always doing and always giving.”
Joanna Wiebe
Joanna Wiebe
Founder, Copyhackers


I have a team to take care of that, so I don’t really need to know any of this, right? 
Many a founder and found her business bleeding money because the marketing wasn’t her zone of genius. Having a better understanding of what makes the difference between conversion and close-but-no-cigar can only make your team and your conversion rate stronger. 

I’m a copywriter too, but I don’t identify as a marketer. Is this program still for me?
Absolutely. If you contribute work to or in support of a funnel, then your work impacts conversions and we can guarantee that it’s valuable. Wanna’ know how we know? Because brands are paying to produce that work for them. If you’d like to be able to communicate and raise that value, then you should definitely join us.

I already know how to make a funnel and get conversions. Are you teaching anything new?
Well, that depends. We can’t say what’s new to you. What we can say is that sometimes it takes a few times and a few different styles of hearing the same information for it to be integrated into what we do. If you think you already know this then, by all means, skip it. We’re not here to take all the money from all the people at any cost. We’re here to equip people with tools that they can use to create conversions.

I really don’t have time to do one more thing. When will this be offered again? 
We’ve specifically created this boot camp so that you can continue to work in your business. You will spend and average of less than 5 hours a week on the Boot Camp. This will also be the only time the beta pricing is available.

I don’t have the money for this right now. Do you offer a payment plan? 
We are not offering a payment plan for The Conversion Compass Bootcamp since we are offering it at its low beta price. Less than $100/week. In 4 weeks you have a fully functional and optimized funnel. The real question is how many leads or sales are you missing out on without that funnel in place already?

What do I need to already have before the Boot Camp starts? 
All you have to have is an idea. What do you want to focus on? Do you want a funnel that sells a membership? Do you want a funnel to get inbound leads for your service based business? Do you want to sell a product? Come with your idea and we’ll help you build the funnel from there. We’ll let you focus on the deliverable being offered but we will help you create a conversion focused funnel that will get you leads and sales.

This cart opens and closes pretty fast so don’t miss your chance to get in on this beta price and be one of the few who make 2020 your best year yet before the end of the 1st quarter.

The Conversion Compass Bootcamp

Messaging and marketing that doesn’t just move the needle...
it breaks the whole damn gauge!