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What should have happened by now:

  • You have completed your application to speak at the Keys to Conversions Summit – Found Here
  • You have submitted your headshot-style photo and logo images – Found Here (Make sure you click the orange button to submit separately from application)
  • You have received and signed your speaker agreement
  • You have claimed an interview session – Found Here

What will happen next:

  • Greta Cate or Betsy Muse will email you to confirm your appointment and will set up a Zoom interview
  • Your speaker information will be entered on your speaker page on the Hey Summit platform and you will be emailed a link
  • You will review and revise your speaker page information as necesary and set up any offers or lead magnets you wish to link to as a way to collect email addresses of attendees

Fan Service

The Keys to Conversion Summit is all about creating a connection...for our audience and with them too. 

So take advantage of the opportunity - in a purely ‘maximize your effectiveness way and not at all a ‘manipulate the vulnerable masses’ way. You get it. 

While we’re not expecting our audience to gasp, scream, cry, and faint out of excitement, we’re not ruling it out either. 

You’re here to win friends and influence people. Give the audience what they want - a win. 

Serious insights and killer strategies are wonderful, but what actions can the audience take immediately to boost their own businesses?

You’ve chosen your topic, now choose 2-4 points to make during your interview. Ideally, these will tie in and lead straight to your lead magnet, which the Hey Summit platform calls a freebie, that allows audience members to make their superfan status official and subscribe to your list.

If you haven’t already, please schedule your interview on our Calendly link here

We’ll be using Zoom for all interviews. The interviews will be recorded and edited, as needed, and then shared during the summit. You will be sent the Zoom link via email. 

If you have the opportunity to use an ethernet connection, that’s always optimal. If you’ll be using wifi, consider temporarily disconnecting any other signal draining devices or connections during our interview time so that our call will be the only load on your wifi.If your signal gets dodgy you can always change locations. If that’s not an option, you can use your phone as a hotspot (if your plan allows) or use your phone to record the interview.  

We highly recommend using an HD camera to ensure that the picture quality is clear. If you’re not sure what kind of quality you’re putting out, test it with a video chat with a friend. We’re friends, btw, so we’re happy to hop on a call. You’ve got game changing information to share so we want to make sure that it’s easy for attendees to watch. Pro tip: try to keep your eyes on the camera (and therefore the host and audience) rather than your screen. 

Microphone & Speaker
There are a variety of opinions about the perfect mic for recording video calls and we hold several of those opinions. What it all boils down to is that using a quality mic that is made for voice recording is ideal but if you don’t, then using your HD camera’s built-in mic or using your iPhone headphones is just fine. In fact, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using headphones regardless of what mic you use so that our questions aren’t creating an echo effect on your mic

Having a quiet space during your interview is crucial. Silence your phone, your notifications, and anything else that will create audio distractions. This is your time to shine, to share, and to shake things up for our audience so we want to minimize anything that will pull focus. 

If something unexpected and ridiculously loud occurs, we may just stop, probably laugh, and then start again from a point prior to the interruption.

Speaking of focus...consider your background as it will be seen by your audience. Sure that artwork that your son made with his hamster’s footprints is precious but does it convey your authority and expertise when it’s prominently displayed just behind you on camera? How about that messy bookshelf?

Is the wall or room behind you so busy that when people watch your video they’ll constantly lose track of what you’re saying because they’re checking out the room full of antiques behind you? 

So what “should” your background look like? Whether you go with brand color decor, blank white walls or something in between you want to make sure that the three square feet that show up on camera are neat and not distracting. 

Make sure that you’re in a well-lit space during your on-camera time. Diffused natural light is the best with a ring light coming in at a close second. If you don’t have a ring light and windows aren’t an option, then try using daylight strength bulbs and ensure that the light isn’t just ambient but is focused directly on you. 

Discomfort shows up on video like its own Snapchat filter. Here are a few things you can do:

  • * Wear something that is comfortable and makes you feel great. You don’t want to try out neckerchiefs for the first time only to spend the next hour being recorded while you struggle with feeling as though you’re being strangled by a really weak person.
  • * Check your angles. Do a trial run on your laptop and camera placement beforehand so you know that you’re showing up at your best.
  • * Standing makes for great energy on camera but you can speak with just as much passion while sitting down too. Make sure that whichever you choose, it’s going to be comfortable for you for the length of the presentation or interview.
  • * If your nerves are getting to you in anticipation of your interview or presentation then watch some comedy. Laughter lowers your blood pressure and releases beta-endorphins that make you feel great.
  • * Do some deep breaths just prior to the interview to slow your breathing, relax your muscles, and get some oxygen to your brain.

If you’re doing an interview, it’s really just a conversation so we encourage you to speak naturally and be conversational. 

Being mindful of projecting your voice and speaking clearly will ensure that you can be both heard and understood.

If you’re giving a presentation, then try to make it a high touch, human to human experience. We’re all here for the same reason - to share value and make connections. 

Jot down your key points and put them where you can see them. It can be easy to veer off track through the course of a really great conversation so having your talking points visible ensures that you say what you need to say. 

Leave the lexicon in the Brand Voice Guidelines. You want to avoid using lingo that is so specialized that your audience doesn’t speak the same language. Speaking in a way that makes sense to your audience means that instead of tuning out our audience leans in. 

Be authentic. You want to educate and resonate and the best way to do that is to simply share your passion and how well it can serve them with our audience. 

You were chosen, not only because you believe in our mission, but because you have knowledge and expertise that should be shared. 

These tips will help you to maximize the value that both you and the audience experience. 

Share the Excitement

So how do we create that I-can-not-wait-to-see-this-interview-I’m-going-to-tell-everyone- buzz? 

Betsy and Greta are in full-blown promo mode but your #1 Promoter is always going to be you. 

The crucial step here is to tell the people. Yes. It’s that simple. Post on your social media accounts, add it to your stories, tell your online groups, livestream about it, email your lists, tell your book group and your knitting club. Don’t judge, knitting is widely considered to be cool again...even though it was always cool.

Since you’re speaking at the Keys to Conversions Summit, we know that you know that telling people once is a good start, but they’re going to need a lot more touches for the information to seep in and get processed and a few more to win some hearts and minds. 

Bottom line? If you’re excited to be here - and we sincerely hope that you are - then share that excitement with your people. Nothing is as easily spread as the suspense of something marvelous that’s about to happen. 

To make your life even easier, we’ll provide you with graphics and swipe copy that you can use to make it oh, so easy to build anticipation around your interview or presentation. 


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